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SB Investor Premium Membership

Have you ever wondered what differentiates between a successful and unsuccessful Investor? It’s a combination of various factors such as knowledge, experience, psychology etc.  

Snatch Books have come up with SB Pro Investor Membership, where we will send you 18 best Investing Related books (Sorted on the basic of thorough research, reviews and recommendations by successful Investors)on rent in a year (1-2 books every month).

Check the full Benefits Below- 

Cost Saving

The total MRP of Books is more than Rs. 30,000 , Amazon Selling Price is more than Rs. 16,000 where as you can rent them at much cheaper rates!

No Hustle to Order Each Book!

With Snatch Books Pro Investor Membership, you just need to order once and we will take of rent, returns and deliveries!

Books Selected after thorough Research
The books are selected on the basis of a well defined process, ensuring that members get best Investing Books available. 
Cancel Anytime!

You can cancel the membership anytime during the year. There are no cancelation charges and the balance amount will be refunded.

Free Delivery on Every Order!

No delivery charge for any book during the year. All deliveries Free!

Free Novels

Get 2 free surprise novels with the purchase of SB Investor Pro Membership.

Cost Saving on Books
(Compared to MRP)
Cost Saving on Deliveries
Free Delivery on all orders!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 What is SB Investor Pro Membership?

Ans. SB Investor Pro Membership is a arrangement in which we will send the customer a total of 18 Books in a year (1-2 books each month). After reading the book, the customer needs to return the book/s to get the next set of book/s each month.

Q2 What does Security Deposit Means?

Ans. The total amount that needs to be paid is Rent + Security Deposit. Security Deposit will be refunded once the Membership Period is over/customer requests for cancellation and we have received all books (via UPI/Paytm Wallet/ Bank Transfer (whichever way customer prefers)) 

Q3. How will the order of Books rented decided?

Ans. The Books provided each month will be on a random basis. However, if the customer wants a specific book during a month, we will try our best to provide him/her that book, but can’t guarantee the availability.  

Q4. What if I want to Cancel the membership any time in between?

Ans. In case the customer wants to cancel the membership anytime in between, because of any reason, the rent for books already used by customer will be deducted and the remaining rent, along with security deposit will be refunded

Q5. How will I return the book?

Ans. Books needed to be return before you get the parcel for new books. For returning the books we will message you (if you want to return earlier message us on Whatsapp at 8005595460). You need to pack the books in a parcel/ courier bag and stick a label on the package (we will send it). Our delivery boy will collect it from your location.

Q6. My Book is lost/damaged, what to do?

Ans. In case the book is lost/damaged , amount of book will be adjusted from security deposit. If the book is returned in unusable/damaged/too much markings condition, security deposit will be adjusted in that condition too

Q7. I want to keep a book, that I have rented via Snatch Books Pro membership.

Ans. Yes, you can keep a book that you have rented via Pro Membership. You just need to pay security deposit amount on that book.

Q8. Is the Promo code discount same in purchase and purchase in Installment?

Ans. Yes, the amount of Discount is same in purchase and purchase in Installment. In, purchase in Installment, you need to pay less amount in % term in each Installment. Eg- if in purchase, you are getting 300 rs discount, by using purchase in Installment, you will get 100 rs discount in each Installment.

Any more Questions? We would love to answer them!

Call/Whatsapp on +91 8005595460

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  1. Ritesh Soni

    Recently Purchased the Membership. Everything seems perfect till now :)…… Let’s see how it functions in future

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