Companion Chemistry For Class 12(2 Volume set)


by S. K. Malhotra (Author)

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Super simplified Science (Chemistry) for the students of Class 12 was published. This multi-colour book has been printed. This is indeed a testimony of its popularity among the readers; both students and teachers. With all humility, I express My gratitude to the readers throughout the country as well as My Publishers. I feel immense pleasure in presenting the new revised edition of the book. The text part is strictly based on N.C.E.R.T text book and follows the latest syllabus and exam. Pattern issued by CBSE. It has been revised exhaustively in the light of valuable suggestions received from learned colleagues from time to time. Br>chapter end assignments have the following special features: N.C.E.R.T in text problems and end exercises are fully solved. Objective questions like br>Paragraph based Questions, multiple choice questions & Assertion -reason questions are added as per latest pattern of CBSE exams. Questions from latest CBSE examination Papers have been solved. Very Short Answer, Short Answer and Long Answer Questions have been updated. H.Br>ot.S questions have been framed to cater to brilliant and outstanding students. Complete solutions to N.C.E.R.T Exemplar problems are provided in each br>Chapter.


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