Pradeep’s Science Biology Part-3 for Class 10th


by Pradeep Publication

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Academically Secondary Class is the most important one for any student. It serves as a basic platform for a student to pursue his higher studies. Science always remain the main subject at this level. Thus, imparting knowledge of science to the students in the simplest way at this level is a challenging task. Pradeep’s Science series is an exact answer to this challenge. Released in three parts – Part I (Physics), part II (Chemistry), and Part III (Biology), all these books effectively meet the requirements of Class 10th syllabus for Science in the most presentable manner, making Science as a very interesting subject for the students to understand. The present edition of the book “pradeep’s Science- Biology” conforms to the latest syllabus and pattern of examination for 2020-2021. It contains all types of objective type questions, viz., MCQs, br> br>Paragraph based MCQs, Fill in the blanks, True/ False statements, matching Type questions and Assertion-Reason questions. Apart from these, it also consists of Very Short Answer questions (including br> br>Paragraph based), short Answer questions and Long Answer Questions. The book continues to include answers and solutions of all questions of NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar problems book.


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