Marketing Research 7e revised

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by Naresh K. Malhotra and Satyabhusan Das (Author)

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by Naresh K. Malhotra and Satyabhusan Das (Author)

Part 1 Introduction and early phases of marketing Research 1 br>Chapter 1 Introduction to marketing Research 2 br>Chapter 2 defining the marketing Research problem and developing an approach 31 Part 2 research design formulation 63 br>Chapter 3 research design 64 br>Chapter 4 Exploratory research design: Secondary and syndicated data 92 br>Chapter 5 Exploratory research design: qualitative research 124 br>Chapter 6 descriptive research design: survey and observation 180 br>Chapter 7 causal research design: experimentation 224 br>Chapter 8 Measurement and scaling: fundamentals and comparative scaling 256 br>Chapter 9 Measurement and scaling: no comparative scaling techniques 278 br>Chapter 10 questionnaire and form design 306 br>Chapter 11 sampling: design and procedures 343 br>Chapter 12 sampling: final and initial Sample size determination part 3 Data collection, preparation, analysis, and reporting br>Chapter 13 fieldwork br>Chapter 14 Data preparation br>Chapter 15 frequency distribution, Cross-Tabulation, and hypothesis Testing br>Chapter 16 analysis of variance and covariance br>Chapter 17 correlation and Regression br>Chapter 18 Discriminant and logic analysis br>Chapter 19 factor analysis br>Chapter 20 cluster analysis br>Chapter 21 multidimensional scaling and Conjoint analysis br>Chapter 22 structural equation modeling and path analysis br>Chapter 23 report preparation and presentation cases running case with real data case 1.1 HP: using marketing Research to gain a competitive edge comprehensive critical thinking cases case 2.1 baskin-robbins: can it bask in the good ‘OLE days? Case 2.2 kid stuff? Determining the best positioning strategy for Akron children’s hospital data analysis cases with real data case 3.1 at&t wireless: M A Bell becomes M A again case 3.2 IBM: a top provider of computer hardware, software, and services case 3.3 br>
kimberly-clark: competing through innovation case 3.4 teenage shopping behavior for clothing products: a comparison of attitude toward local versus foreign brand case 3.5 antecedents of trust in online shopping: a study in the Indian context case 3.6 conjoint-based preferential segmentation in the design of new Insurance product: results from Conjoint, cluster, ANOVA, and Cross-Tabulation analysis case 3.7 cooperation–relationship commitment link in international commercial Banking relationships: The mediating role of trust and moderating role of power distance case 3.8 antecedents and consequences of trust in B2C online shopping in the Indian context: results from structural equation modeling analysis using Amos case 3.9 a effective website design and purchase intention: results from structural equation modeling analysis using smartpls comprehensive cases with real data case 4.1 jpmorgan chase: chasing growth through mergers and acquisitions case 4.2 wendy’s: history and life after Dave Thomas case 4.3 brand Q looks at the future comprehensive Harvard Business School cases case 5.1 the Harvard graduate student housing survey case 5.2 bizrate.Com case 5.3 cola Wars continue: Coke and Pepsi in the twenty-first century case 5.4 tivo in 2002 case 5.5 compaq computer: Intel inside? Case 5.6 the new beetle.

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