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HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Strategy (Harvard Business Review Must Reads) is part of the Must Reads series from the Harvard Business Review. This set contains 10 books on different aspects of business management and self-management. Each book is a concise guide on the discussed topic.

Like in all the other books in the series, this book contains 10 essays on organizational strategy written by subject matter experts. This book begins by explaining what strategy is, Then, it goes on to present special and practical concepts in creating, defining, elucidating and implementing strategy. The book has articles that show readers how to create an identity for an organization that distinguishes it from its competitors and how to define what the organizational will and won’t do.

These books shows readers how to create blue oceans of niche, uncontested markets and how to define strategy in a single memorable phrase. Other articles in these books explain concepts like using the Balanced Scorecard method to measure strategy and how to allocate resources effectively. They discuss how to define priorities explicitly and how to clearly delineate decision roles to enhance organizational performance.

These books provide managers and decision makers with knowledge on the best practices in their field and the latest emerging techniques being applied in the field. HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Strategy (Harvard Business Review Must Reads) was published by Harvard Business Review Press in 2011 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • HBR’s 10 Must Reads: On Strategy (Harvard Business Review Must Reads) contains 10 articles that were selected from a huge number of articles on strategy that have appeared in the Harvard Business Review magazine.
  • This book is part of a series of books called the Must Reads, from Harvard Business Review.

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